Why Retail Connection?


We understand what you are dealing with.

We have managed a range of retail assignments for 15+ years from roll outs for multiple chain stores like The Gap to opening high end Madison Avenue New York boutiques. Owner Rick Marshall has been a retailer himself so we understand the unique requirements and complex challenges that retailers face during the store expansion and construction process. Today’s field is complicated and Retail Connection, LLC recognizes that retailers balance many aspects of the omni-channel to bring their products to market.

We are passionate about serving our clients and on-time!

We are committed to get the job done right and properly manage expenses for an on-time opening to ease the brick and mortar side of the marketing/distribution process.

We are dedicated to your interests.

There is no replacement for the dedicated “owner’s representative” whose goals are making sure the interests of the retailer are met. We make your business our business and take responsibility to manage and exceed expectations for your store construction requirements.

We are invested in attaining high level quality results.

Once we are on your assignment we manage the day to day but as well look to a quality outcome to your flagship debut, roll out or retail space expansion.